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Smart Solutions for Cooling Systems


The best services for your cooling systems.

Industrial processes

Ammonia systems

Ammonia systems do not harm the environment and consume little power in relation to its cooling capacity. All those who belong to the food industry can benefit from the high efficiency  and reliability of these equipment.

Refrigerated chambers

The design and construction of rerigerated chambers includes thermal load calculations, selection of insulation materials for floors and walls, selection of equipment and sizing of the chamber according to the available space and logistics.

Refrigeration systems

Installation and design of cooling systems focused on the overall energy efficiency of the process that includes local constraints, enviromental requirements, customer cooling needs and the process that the customer uses.

Freezing chambers

Design, engineering advice and construction of suitable freezing chambers for the fishing industry, ice cream industry, canned foods, perishable goods, restaurants and places that require temperature below zero Celsius.

Cooler tunnel

The cooler tunnel is designed to meet customer’s needs by our department of applied thermal engineering and its specialized manufacture from Europe with the best technology of heat exchangers with high efficiency.

Refrigeration components

Installation and advice on selecting cooling components that guarantee a great reduction in downtime due to failure, maintenance costs, comsumption of accesories, power consumption and save operating time in the daily life of the customer.

Blast freezer

Study and construction of blast freezer or “safe freezing” aside from improving the quality, color, texture, and taste of the product, dramatically reduces the growth of bacterias and contamination. It works at very low temperatures.

Ventilation systems

Design and installation of ventilation systems, which include customer’s needs, patterns and wind behavior, thermal load, flow, dynamic pressure and static pressure, height difference, difference of temperature and humidity.

Ventilation equipment and components

Installation and advice on selection of ventilation components as well as equipment. It takes into account the control system, power supply, gas supply, system monitoring, operator interface and interface with the receiver.

Energy recovery system

The energy recovery ventilation reduces annual bills by 50% or more. They are certified by AHRI and through a special heat exchanger, it reduces the temperature and relative humidity of the air entering.

Air conditioning systems

Our designs and installations of air conditioning systems ensure lower temperature variation, uniform air throughout the area, low power consumption, rapid cooling and low maintenance cost .

Air conditioning equipment

Installation and enginnering advice on selection of air conditioning components. For this we consider air distribution, air movement, the customer how to operate, voltage, area and air conditioning return .

Central air conditioning

Design and installation of central air. This creates an ideal esthetic since no pipes or equipment are seen, less noise is noticed as the equipment is in the false ceiling and greater comfort as there is more uniformity and less temperature variations.

Pumping system

Design and implementation of pumping systems. Suitable for hotels, buildings and factories that require water in their processes. A study of several factors is performed  such as hydraulic measurements, electrical and temperature measurements.

Heat exchangers

Study and installation of heat exchangers. It includes the selection of  hot water flows and cold water flows, temperature stabilization, client operation, efficiency, indications of  flow pressure loss and temperature loss .

Electrical rooms

The design and construction of electrical rooms including studio lighting, inputs, outputs, dimensions of the room, operating voltages, placement of transformers, electrical equipment selection, walls and doors with fire resistance.

Cogeneration systems

Engineering and construction of small cogeneration systems. Its main applications are for production of thermal fluid, generation of hot water, productuon of steam, high temperature ovens or places like hospitals and oil .

Turbine bearing

Turbine cooling system based in several factors such as the type of turbine, hours of operation of the turbine, weather conditions, sea level, cost of electricity, the ratio of power generated  and mass flow.

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