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Smart Solutions for Cooling Systems

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Industrial processes

Unit coolers

Unit coolers suitable for high and low temperatures. Its main application is in cameras of high height and high airflow, used in systems of rapid freezing, in systems of instant freezing, in IQF systems, and rapid cooling chambers.

High profile unit cooler

High profile unit coolers for a perfect long air throw and long-lasting durability. Besides its main use is for medium to large cold rooms, excellent for large spaces and thermal needs. It has a high energy efficiency and cost saving.

Center mount unit cooler

Low air velocity, high humidity, low profile and low noise. Its main applications are for high personnel traffic cold rooms or storage of products that are sensitive and contain high moisture such as ornamental flowers, fruits and vegetables

Low profile unit cooler

This evaporator has as a main characteristic the low cost and simplicity of its design. The main application ranges from small to medium cold rooms with low ceilings. Designed for maximum capacity occupying minimum space.

Air- cooled condensing unit

Condensing units for industrial applications from medium to large sizes. They come in discus or hermetic compressors. The new design provides 40% more outdoors. They come with 5 year warranty against leakage of the tubesheets.

Air-cooled condensing unit 20 – 80 HP

Large condensing units for processing plants, exporting plants, large warehouses and other applications that require big quantities of cooling. It contains a Floating Tube coil design incorporated as a protection against tube sheet leaks.

Scroll compressor 1- 40 HP

Scroll compressors of high efficiency, with greater protection against liquid damage and reliable. Available for  air conditioning, refrigeration and refrigerated transport. First of its kind to offer communication system by the compressor.

Hermetic compressor 1/8- 5 Hp

Hermetic compressors with good performance, reliable and versatile. Suitable for air conditioning systems and more. They offer solutions with the best relationship cost-benefit for systems that require a wide range of evaporation.

Semi hermetic compressor ¼-60 HP

Semi hermetic compressors made with simplicity, durability, reliable, low vibration, patented system for proper lubrication, improved internal gas flow and handling oil. Ideal for systems that require a good performance and high efficiency.

Screw compressor

Screw compressor with patented vibration protection; for cooling or freezing systems including ammonia for small and large industries. Its specialized design ensures safety, energy efficiency and easy maintenance.

Piston compressor

Piston compressor made with simplicity and for a long life, suitable for cooling or freezing systems in small and large industries. It is characterized by its unparalleled design and its new technology in the electronical control of maintenance intervals.

Insulated panels

Insulated panels with excellent sealing, long life, polyurethane and high quality steel. Suitable for cooling or freezing chambers. Its exclusive union of overlap between panels reduce times of installation and possible leaks.

Insulated doors

Insulated doors of easy operation, durability, with European design and engineering. Suitable for high traffic of people or light trucks as well as places like processing rooms, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets and pharmaceutical industries.

Cooling doors

Cooling doors of easy operation, free of thermal bridges, with certified materials, European design and engineering. Its main use is focused on freezing or cooling chambers. Equipped with ramp micro-metric vertical adjustment.

Sliding insulated door

Sliding insulated door of easy operation, free of thermal bridges, certified materials, European design and engineering. Its main use is focused on freezing or cooling chambers. They come equipped with heated threshold profile.

Refrigeration valves

Refrigeration valves for all refrigerants including ammonia. Its main application is for solenoids, thermostatic, expansive, retention, pressure regulatores, safety, lock, operated by gas, electric and among others.

IQF system

IQF system or rapid freezing system with energy-saving and high speed technology. This process guarantees a texture, nutritional value and invariable taste to a freshly harvested product. It reduces waste, microorganisms and the application of preservatives.

Roof exhaust fan

Roof exhast fans made for a long life, with greater stability and certified by Fans UL / cUL 705. Suitable for restaurants, hotels, pharmaceutical laboratories and places where there is a need to remove the contaminated or grease laden air.

Centrifugal fan

Centrifugal fans made with reinforced steel and versatile style. Ideal for extraction , supply and return duct systems. All models are certified by AMCA for a high air performance and against fatigue bearing blades.

Sidewall exhaust fan

Sidewall exhaust fan with speed variation, and high durability. Suitable for factories or warehouses that require high air volumes and low pressures. Its main applications are from clean air, inluding extraction to supply filtering.

Industrial Ceiling Fan

Industrial ceiling fan with energy savings up to 30 % , quiet operation, elegant design and uniform air circulation. Even small commercial sites can take advantage of this new technology. It is patented to provide a peak performance without reheat.

Mobile Fan

Mobile fan with adjustable angle of 360, versatile, low noise and its air flow distribution is equivalent to half a football field. Ideal for environments that require high airflow in a short time. It also contains variable speed control.

Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger with high thermal efficiency and made for a long life. Ideal for cooling processes in industries. Exchangers weleded by copper wires, semi-welded plates, double plates, all-welded, spiral heat exchangers and more.

Cooling towers from 12 to 1352 tons/u

Cooling towers for low impact on the environment, easy maintenance, low noise and with protection against corrosion. Suitable for cooling water in large volumes. It exceeds up to twice the standard requirements of ASHRAE 90.1.

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